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If you have played the legendary Snake Hunting game then of course you will find very similar to. The task is to control the snake, move in all directions and try to eat the light particles to increase the body length. The biggest difference in vs. Snake Hunting is that we will encounter many snakes with different colors and decorations. Moreover, one can go through his body to change direction instead of avoiding touching his body or crashing into the wall. Avoid touching other snakes otherwise you will lose all points and have to play again from the beginning. We will have to collect light particles as well as kill other snakes to increase the score. We will be equipped with a skill called Acceleration. This will be a great assistant for you to trick other snakes into your friend.

How to play? Use the mouse or touch the screen to move around. Click the left mouse to glide fast.

There are three modes in including the Arrow mode, the Classic Mode and Joystick one. Let’s challenge yourself with and be the longest snake of the game. You can make it! Enjoy!

Both the left and right buttons on your mouse serve as a quick speed boost, allowing you to get out of the way of enemy worms quickly. Try it all games online of 2018 with unblocked Online at

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